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Jan 12 2012

“I Judge Teachers Who Use Comic Sans”

True life, my kids say fantastic things.
One of the things I’d say has changed the most between my first and second year of teaching is my ability to relate to and laugh with my kids. I went from becoming frustrated and annoyed when they were constantly laughing and joking to participating along with them – drawing boundaries that allowed me to continue to control the class while still seeming like a human. This has resulted in the most hilarious moments of my teaching experience – the moments that make me want to keep teaching even when life is crazy, no one is listening, and I can’t believe my administrator just walked in the door.
Today’s post goes out to some of my incredibly perceptive, creative, and imaginative Advanced Bio students – N (boy), D (boy), F (girl), and C (boy).
“Is this Helvetica? Thank god. I judge teachers who use Comic Sans.…

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Never. Every time the teacher across the hall, Mrs. B, is absent (which has been 8 days so far this year), I get that question. My response is always “unless I’m confined to my bed, I’ll be here.” While some students groan and complain about this, the majority are happy that I’m going to be…

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Wow. Today was a day for all days – and I feel a deep need to record this for posterity. As some of the people who will read this may know, I am piloting an Advanced Biology program at my school – where students are not prepared for AdvBio and the course is not properly…

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Aug 09 2010


Hello and Welcome! First off, my name is Miss S – and I’ll be teaching secondary science in Wilmington, Delaware. Yes. Delaware. The first time I saw the assignment to Delaware I thought to myself…why on EARTH am I being sent there? Is there even an achievement gap in Delaware? Well, the answer to that…

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