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Aug 09 2010


Hello and Welcome!

First off, my name is Miss S – and I’ll be teaching secondary science in Wilmington, Delaware. Yes. Delaware. The first time I saw the assignment to Delaware I thought to myself…why on EARTH am I being sent there? Is there even an achievement gap in Delaware?

Well, the answer to that so far has been a resounding yes.  Students are behind in record numbers, and my school has failed to make AYP the past 2 years (I believe, I’m still trying to get definite numbers on this past year).

Words can’t describe the sense of we (the 2010 CMs) walked into when we were welcomed with open arms into Wilmington. The spirit and generosity of the 09′s and the Wilm community, specifically the Rodel Foundation and the schools which we serve, was astounding. There is such a great opportunity for change in this city, and I hope that our numbers will only continue to increase.

As we move into Wilmington, fresh off of institute and the experiences there, the 2010s are ready to move. We’re a tight-knit group, and there’s nothing we believe we can’t handle. The Dub Club is ready to hit Wilmington, and we’re gonna make it happen.

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